Kidz Positive Beading Project Beaded Lanyard Loomed Five Bead Wide SA Flag Colours

Beaded Lanyard(Loomed): Five Bead Wide

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The South African Beaded Lanyard design is very popular with companies when hosting International conferences or travelling abroad.   These were handed out at the International Travel Market to promote South Africa, they have proven to be very popular and last for many years. This lanyard design is finished off with two snap hooks to prevent the pouch from swivelling.  This lanyard takes well over 3 hours of intricate looming to complete!

Beaded Lanyards can be made in a variety of colour combinations and African Beadwork designs to suit the Corporate Gifting Industry. We can also personalise the beaded lanyard by incorporating a mixture of bright or more subtle colours, in your logo colours or in a particular country’s flag colours.

Each product is packaged and accompanied with a tag signed by the mother who has made it.

Product Descriptions(size): 

Length: 56mm, Width: 6mm,  Weight: 26g