Beaded Keyrings: Ndebele design

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These beaded, Ndebele Beaded Keyrings have been inspired by the Ndebele tribe and are hand-made in Cape Town. The purchase of these keyrings  directly benefits families who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Beadwork and beaded jewellery is one of the oldest and most traditional of the ornamental skills being made in Southern Africa, by rural people.  Ndebele patterns are typically very colourful and geometric. The patterns and symbols can still be seen today, usually with a rich, black outline and vivid colours inside. There are five main colours represented: red and dark red, yellow to gold, a sky blue, green, and sometimes pink. The colours give an intensified symbolic meaning to the Ndebele. They can mean status or power of the home's owners, offer prayer, announce a marriage in the home, or can represent a current protest. The colour white is often used as the background because it makes the bright patterns stand out more clearly.

The Loomed, Beaded Keyrings can be made in a variety of colour combinations and African Beadwork designs to suit the Corporate Gifting Industry. We can also personalise the beaded keyring by incorporating a mixture of bright or more subtle colours, in your logo colours or in a particular country’s flag colours.

Each product is packaged and accompanied with a tag signed by the mother who has made it.

Product Descriptions(size): 

Length: 3mm, Width: 0.3mm,  Weight: 8g