Kidz Positive Beading Project Single Beaded Bracelet Custom Made for Old Mutual Various Colours

Single Beaded Bracelet: Custom made for Old Mutual

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Hand beaded, elasticated bracelet finished off with a pewter charm. This pewter charm was made specifically for Old Mutual. The theme of this event was called 'Others Matter.'  These Beaded Bracelets are handmade in Cape Town, the purchase of these directly benefits families who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

*Note that a once-off development fee will be charged for making a custom designed bead. This price given does not include the development fee which can vary, depending on size and complexity of design.

The bracelets can be custom made to incorporate your company colours or preferred colours, custom charms or bead can be made to your desired specification.

Our beaded bracelets are handmade in many different designs – please wear and store them with care. They are threaded on three ply polyester thread, yet with time, threads may stretch a little. Please remove your beaded jewellery before you swim, sleep or shower. (Fragrances and body lotions may discolour beads and threads).

Each product is packaged and accompanied with a tag signed by the mother who has made it.

Product Descriptions(size): 

Diameter: 205 mm, Weight: 8g